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Could Soda Help Us Fight Global Warming?

A new planet-friendly technology may be coming to the beverage industry

There is an excessive amount of CO2 in our atmosphere, worsening the effects of global warming. Although there has been research into capturing and storing all this CO2, there is not incentive for corporations to adopt it. According to Bloomberg News, it's simply not profitable to build technologies that trap CO2 in the current economy.

Climeworks AG may be changing that, though. The company's technology harnesses CO2 for commercial use--including some kind of deal with "one of the largest fizzy drink companies." Many soda manufacturers currently rely on expensive, chemical-based methods for pumping CO2 into their products. So, while this may not save the planet, it could inspire other companies in other industries to do their part.

Cities around the world are trying to reduce carbon emissions. Which cities are the cleanest? Watch the video below: