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Famous Frame-Ups: People Falsely Accused

Being framed for a crime you didn't commit can be a nightmare that the whole world has to wake up from before you're free.

Published On 06/10/2013
8:37 AM EDT
Arthur Allan Thomas speaks about the detective who framed him. | Getty Images
Randall Dale Adams is released from prison. | Corbis Images
Delmert Tibbs, like other former death row inmates, is an ardent anti-death penalty activist. | Getty Images
Mark Herman's checkered history made him an easy suspect for police to latch onto. | Corbis Images
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Barry Gibbs appears at a movie premiere with another inmate exonerated by the Innocence Project. | Getty Images
Dewey Bozella won his professional debut as a boxer in a unanimous decision. | Corbis Images
Brian Banks trains with the Atlanta Falcons. | Corbis Images