EXPLODE Your Card Out Of A Balloon!

Diamond Jim gives us a new look at an old trick, and Justin Willman busts out the balloons!

Grab a balloon and a deck of cards and you're set for your next magic trick. On this episode of Scam School, magician Justin Willman joins Brian to show off two tricks. First, Justin gets a playing card to "explode" out of a balloon (he even shows you how to pull off that one). Justin saves the crazy trick for the end, when he manages to transfer a playing card into the inside an already-inflated balloon. Diamond Jim Tyler also stops by to share a tricky number puzzle that you can try at home.

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This episode of Scam School was made by these stellar individuals:
Brian Brushwood
Brandt Hughes
Zak Holder
Roberto Villegas
Shot on location at Handlebar in Austin, TX