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Everything You Need To Know About Avocados

Avocados are a fan favorite fruit (yes, avocados are a fruit) and can be paired with just about anything. But are they good for you?

California droughts and a recent Mexican labor strike have resulted in a relatively severe avocado shortage this year, which is distressing. Avocados are delicious, nutritious and delightfully weird - did you know that, technically, avocados are berries? Now you know.

In today's DNews report, Sapna Parikh runs down the benefits of the noble avocado. While most of the edible calories in avocados are fat, they're the good kind of fat - the sort that prevents the body from absorbing the bad kind of fat. Also, the avocado you're thinking of, with the dark green bumpy skin, is just one of hundreds of varieties: big and small, dark and light, smooth and bumpy. Check out Sapna's report for more details.

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