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Elon Musk Hints at New Brain-Computer Project

The tech entrepreneur confirmed a report that he is backing a company focused on neural lacing technology, which involves tiny brain implants capable of uploading and downloading thoughts.

Tech entrepreneur Elon Musk hinted Tuesday that he is working on a new startup focusing on brain-computer interface, part of his vision to help humans keep up with machines.

Musk, the founder of electric carmaker Telsa and exploration firm SpaceX, referenced the new company called Neuralink in a tweet, a day after a Wall Street Journal report saying the company had been formed.

Musk's tweet said he would elaborate his plans in a blog post soon.

"Long Neuralink piece coming out on (blog platform) @waitbutwhy in about a week. Difficult to dedicate the time, but existential risk is too high not to," Musk tweeted.

The Journal reported that the new startup will focus on "neural lace" technology which involves implanting tiny brain electrodes capable of uploading and downloading thoughts.

The report said Musk has taken an active role setting up the company and may play a "significant leadership role" even as he runs two other large companies.

Musk has previously spoken about the idea of neural lacing, claiming it can magnify people's brain power by linking them directly to computing capabilities.

Considered one of Silicon Valley's most notable visionaries, Musk is the force behind Tesla, part of an effort to move the automotive industry away from fossil fuels to electric propulsion.

He also runs SpaceX, maker and launcher of rockets and spacecraft, which recently announced plans to send two private citizens around the Moon in what would mark the farthest humans have ever traveled to deep space since the 1970s.

Musk lives in Los Angeles and holds US, Canadian and South African citizenship.

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