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Elephants Protect Calf from Wild Dogs in Stunning Footage

A South African reserve provides the backdrop for a fascinating standoff in nature.

A herd of elephants on a South African reserve provided fascinating footage for a tourist, when its charges and deep calls beat back a pack of wild dogs creeping up to kill one of their young.

The clip shows dogs on the Ingwelala preserve advancing cautiously on the calf, heedless of stern warnings and bugle calls from a protective mom elephant that said "Back off!":

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"There was a very noisy back-and-forth between the elephant and the wild dogs. She would charge at them trumpeting, they would scatter, only to quickly regroup and start making a move towards the small calf," landscape owner Dennis Browning, who shot the video, told the Daily Express.

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Wild dogs in Africa are fierce, crafty predators that work together, so it's no surprise they did not take the first warning as the final warning.

Finally, though, the elephant herd makes its way out of the area, calf in tow, and unharmed.

via Daily Express