Egypt And Israel's Complicated Relationship

Since their 1979 peace treaty, Egypt and Israel have had their share of ups and downs. So what's the state of Egyptian-Israeli relations?

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Sinai Province: Egypt's most dangerous group (bbc.com)
"The militant group Sinai Province is currently the most active insurgent group in Egypt."

Israel, Egypt getting along great these days (usatoday.com)
"Since army strongman Abdel Fattah al-Sisi ousted an Islamist leader from power last year and efforts to battle militant violence were boosted under his command, relations between Egypt and Israel have improved and are expected to strengthen with his anticipated ascent to the presidency, say experts."

The New Triangle of Egypt, Israel, and Hamas (washingtoninstitute.org)
"With Israeli acquiescence to de facto alterations of the 1979 peace treaty, Egypt has deployed substantial military forces into the Sinai to combat terrorists."

What's Behind the Wave of Terror in the Sinai (theatlantic.com)
"Writing to a network of followers and potential followers around the world, the Mauritanian-born cleric Sheikh Abu al-Mundhir al-Shinqiti, one of the world's most prominent jihadi ideologues, described a religious obligation for Muslims to take up arms against the Egyptian army."