Close-up of Isua, Greenland rock that contains garnet crystals. New research supports the claim that the black bands seen in the image are the remains of organisms that lived 3.7 billion years ago. | Minik Rosing
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Earliest Known Evidence of Life Found in 3.7 Billion-Year-Old Jewel-Studded Rock

New research strengthens claims that the Isua Greenstone Belt in southwestern Greenland contains the first known remnants of life.

Isua, Greenland rocks from which the garnets and their inclusions were extracted. The layered structure, which was once horizontal, shows that the rocks used to be part of the bottom of an ocean. The dark stripes are where researchers found the garnets and their inclusions that contain what are believed to be the earliest known remains of life on Earth. | Minik Rosing
Isua rock formation in western Greenland. | Minik Rosing