Swedish Museum of Natural History

Earliest Fungus-Like Fossils Discovered in 2.4 Billion-Year-Old South African Bedrock

The fossils are 2 billion years older than previous finds and could dramatically alter the timeline of the emergence of life on Earth. 

Published On 04/24/2017
1:55 PM EDT
a, Section through complete vesicle; frame indicates region depicted in e. b,c, Anastomoses and false branching. d,e, Brooms. f,g, Y-junctions, T-junctions and touching filaments. h,i, Loops and touching filaments. j, Bulbous protrusions. an, anastomosis; bf, basal film; bp, bulbous protrusion; br, broom; fb, false branching; lo, loop; tf, touching filaments; Tj, T-junction; Yj, Y-junction. | Swedish Museum of Natural History
The fossiliferous sample is from the lower part of the Ongeluk Formation (drill depth 21.79 m). Fm., formation; subgrp, subgroup. Modified from ref. 53, Geological Society of America. | Swedish Museum of Natural History