A humpback whale breaching off the coast of Gabon. | T. Collins/Wildlife Conservation Society

Marine Reserves Renew Hope in the Fight Against Climate Change

As the United Nations Oceans Conference gets underway in New York, researchers highlight the importance of protecting the oceans in combating the effects of global warming.

Underwater surveys led by the Wildlife Conservation Society, National Geographic, and Gabon’s Agence Nationale de Parcs Nationaux (ANPN) uncovered a wealth of marine biodiversity (such as this eel peering out from a enclosure of sea anemones), providing valuable information for the formulation and creation of the new marine protected area network. | Enric Sala / National Geographic
Gabon’s marine protected area network will help protect pelagic fish populations such as these rainbow runners. | Enric Sala/National Geographic
Rock Island, Palau. | Matt Rand
A pair of bottlenose dolphins frolic in the waters of Mayumba National Park, previously the country’s only national park dedicated to the protection of marine species and one of the locations of a recent coastal survey by WCS, National Geographic, and Gabon’s Agence Nationale de Parcs Nationaux. | Peadar Brehony