A Russian River Valley vineyard is still under water due to flooding as viewed on February 23, 2017, near Healdsburg, California. After record rainfall battered the North Coast, eliminating a five-year drought, hints of spring are finally appearing in this popular Wine Country tourist destination. | George Rose/Getty Images

Climate Change Could Bring More Rain and Snow to California

A new study from the University of California, Riverside projects a statewide increase in precipitation by the end of the century, which contradicts previous analyses that showed the state becoming drier as the impacts of climate change kick in.

Scientists at the University of California, Riverside predict California will get an average of 12 percent more precipitation through the end of this century, compared to the last 20 years of last century. | UC Riverside Strategic Communications
Ensemble mean (a) annual (ANN) and (b) DJF mean precipitation trend (mm day−1 century−1); (c) ANN and (d) DJF mean precipitation trend realization agreement (%). Symbols in a,b represent trend significance at the 90% (diamond), 95% (X) or 99% (+) confidence level, accounting for autocorrelation. Warm (cold) colours in a,b represent an increase (decrease) in precipitation. Warm (cold) colours in c,d show the per cent of realizations that yield an increase (decrease) in precipitation. Also included are the three regions comprising California, denoted with thick black lines.