An image of a rift in Antarctica's Larsen C ice shelf taken November 10, 2016. | NASA

A Huge Iceberg Is Poised to Break Off From an Antarctic Ice Shelf

New satellite images show a growing rift in the Larsen C ice shelf, which could result in one of the largest icebergs in history floating into the sea.

Published On 07/05/2017
10:37 AM EDT
Comparison of speeds between Sentinel-1 image mosaics in early and late June 2017. The early mosaic combines displacements on the inner shelf measured between 6th and 12th June with similar ones on the outer shelf measured between 3rd and 15th June. The recent mosaic combines inner shelf displacements up to 24th June with outer shelf displacements only 3 days later highlighting a significant acceleration over those three days. | Project MIDAS