The newly discovered worm-snail Thylacodes vandyensis at its shipwreck home. The snail’s tubular shell, which looks blue in this image, is flanked by the animal’s mucus web, which it uses to trap food. | Rüdiger Bieler/The Field Museum

New ‘Spider-Man’ Species of Worm-Snail Found on World War II Shipwreck

This worm snail's slime-ejecting tentacles have won it comparisons to the web-slinger, but the species seems to be more villain than superhero in the Florida Keys.

Published On 04/05/2017
7:00 AM EDT
Shells of the new worm-snail species stored in the collections of the Field Museum of Natural History. | Kate Golembiewski/The Field Museum
Rüdiger Bieler diving at the wreck of the USNS General Hoyt S. Vandenburg, where the new species of worm-snail was discovered. | The Field Museum