Artistic life reconstruction of the dinosaur Galeamopus pabsti. | Davide Bonadonna

New Plant-Eating Dinosaur Was So Big It Had No Predators

An enormous new herbivorous dinosaur with legs the size of tree trunks and a “whiplash” tail had little problem fending off would-be attackers, new research suggests.

Published On 05/03/2017
1:18 PM EDT
Galeamopus pabsti in its environment in the Late Jurassic of North America. An Allosaurus and two Ceratosaurus are feeding on a carcass of Galeamopus pabsti. | Davide Bonadonna
Paleontologist Emanuel Tschopp and Ben Pabst with the skull of the new species dedicated to Pabst in the Sauriermuseum Aathal: Galeamopus pabsti. |
The mounted skeleton of the new species Galeamopus pabsti at the Sauriermuseum Aathal. |