This Faceless Cusk was caught in the Jervis Bay Commonwealth Marine Reserve off New South Wales at depths of 4000 meters during the CSIRO RV Investigator voyage to the abyss. John Pogonoski/CSIRO Australian National Fish Collection.

‘Faceless Fish’ Among Bevy of Strange Species Hauled From the Ocean Depths

With several thousand specimens so far retrieved, the research vessel Investigator has surveyed life lurking in a dark and cold abyss miles below the surface.

Published On 05/31/2017
1:34 AM EDT
A species of rock crab (Neolithodes-cf-bronwynae) from the deep ocean displays a bright red and strikingly spiky shell. Asher Flatt/NESP Marine Biodiversity Hub
This puffed-up coffinfish collected by the RV Investigator belongs to a curious group of deep-sea anglerfishes that live on muddy or rocky seafloors worldwide. They can be difficult to identify, and it may some time before scientists determine whether this one is a new species. Asher Flatt/NESP Marine Biodiversity Hub