Eating Crispy Jellyfish Chips Might Help Curb a Thriving Aquatic Menace

Danish researchers have developed a method for quickly turning the stinging creatures into a crispy snack, making abundant jellyfish blooms a potential source of food.

Published On 08/07/2017
1:34 PM EDT
A dried jellyfish in the laboratory of University of Southern Denmark. | Anders Boe/SDU
The chef Klavs Styrbæk’s gastronomical suggestion for refreshment of ethanol prepared jellyfish: Crispy fried Aurelia aurita (after ethanol preparation) with nori seaweed, pickled yozu-turnip, fresh sansho pepper, and sesame powder. The diameter of the jellyfish crisp is around 5-10 centimeters. | Kristoff Styrbaek