In this reconstruction, the two main whales in the center are Coronodon havensteini, the lower two in the background are Echovenator sandersi, and the birds in the sky are Pelagornis sandersi (false toothed birds with a wingspan near 21.3 feet). | Alberto Gennari

Ancient Gap-Toothed Whale Led to Evolution of Efficient Filter Feeding

A new fossil find, named Coronodon havensteini, helps explain the unusual eating habits of the blue whale.

Published On 06/29/2017
12:00 PM EDT
The baleen of another filter-feeding marine mammal, a gray whale. | Wikimedia Commons
Coronodon havensteini teeth. | Geisler et al, Current Biology
A restored skull of Coronodon havensteini. | Geisler et al, Current Biology