Drones Could Rescue Drowning Victims

Pars, the seafaring Savior Arial Robot uses an array of on-board technologies to help save the day. ->

If you have any fear of being lost at sea, I beseech you, steer clear of the movie Open Water. On other hand, if you do find yourself struggling to stay afloat on the high seas, know that a rescue drone could be on its way with a flotation device.

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Meet Pars, the seafaring Savior Arial Robot, a quadrotor concept designed to fly to the relief of people drowning near coastlines. Developed by the folks at RTS Lab in Iran, Pars is equipped with three life preservers, artificial intelligence, sound and image processing, autopilot search and rescue and a wide array of sensor technologies.

Fall overboard or swim out too far at night? No problem. Pars is packing a heat-sensing camera to find you in the dark. The quadrotor's LED lighting will also help victims spot it while treading water. Once Pars is spotted, victims can shout at it, which developers say will activate some sort of intelligence system that drops a life preserver.

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Pars can also track its path by GPS positioning and return from its rescue mission without user guidance. Currently, the robot is still being developed, but you can read more about what its creators have in store here.


Credit: RTS Lab