Drone Bartender Wants to Mix It Up For You

This drone/waiter/cocktail mixer swoops down from above the crowd to fill your glass.

Robots are taking our jobs. They manufacture stuff, fly planes, drive cars, trade stocks, clean floors and write news articles. And soon they may be serving your drinks.

Yura, the personal bartender, is a drone/waiter/cocktail mixer that swoops down from above the crowd to fill your glass. The innovation comes from from designer Herman Haydin and has been shortlisted for the annual Electrolux Design Lab competition.

Robot Soldiers Are Coming!

The flying appliance has all of the features you'd expect in a 21st Century drone, namely Wi-Fi, navigational capabilities, voice commands and the ability to hover. This could be especially important for that moment when your drink is nearly empty, but not quite. Also, coming from above reduces the chance for bumping into guests and causing unnecessary spillage.

The little guy is energy efficient, too. He uses the kinetic energy to recharge his batteries.

Anything You Can Do, Robots Can Do Better

Plus, Yura is designed to dial up a drink that has not only the right mix of ingredients but also the appropriate number of calories. Wouldn't want to overindulge. Although if Yura could fly you home, maybe that wouldn't matter.

via Yanko Design

Credit: Herman Haydin/Electrolux Design Competition 2014