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Does Your Vote Really Matter?

Depending on what you are voting for and where, your vote carries different weight during election time. So does your vote actually matter?

We constantly hear that the United States is a democracy, but did you know that technically we're a federal presidential constitutional republic? This is because the amount of power your vote has is based on where you live, and in some cases your vote might not be worth anything.

When you vote for president, it's actually more like taking an opinion poll that may or may not influence how a different group of people, the electoral college, will decide to vote. Some states have laws that require electors to vote the way of the popular vote, but there is no federal law prohibiting them from going against it.

Confused yet? Watch Seeker Daily's Election Day video to get all the facts on voting in the U.S., as the country patiently awaits tonight's results.

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