Does Your Bottled Water Come from a Drought Zone?

California is currently in a drought. Did you know the majority of bottled water comes from drought-ridden places? Matt Lieberman from SourceFed joins DNews to discuss this growing problem.

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This year is California's third driest year on record. Cities across the state, including San Francisco, have begun or are considering enforcing rationed water use to ease the burden. In January, Governor Jerry Brown asked Californians to do their part and voluntarily reduce water use by 20 percent.

Although people are doing their part for water conservation, many water companies continue to bottle and export water at record levels to keep up with demand. While bottled water production pales in comparison to California's agricultural industry when it comes to water use, it's still worth noting how much is being used by Arrowhead, Aquafina, Crystal Geyser and other big brands.

So why are these companies contributing to the bottled water industry, which, nation-wide, produced 12 billion gallons of water in 2012? Why not, say, scale back for the sake of conservation? Well, these are corporations after all and are driven by profits. Some of these companies were founded long before California started experiencing such dry rainy seasons. In addition, California is one of the few states in the U.S. without heavy regulation when it comes to harvesting groundwater. If you find a ground source and start bottling, the state has little oversight to make sure you are doing so in an environmentally conscious way.

How are you conserving water this summer? Do you think these water companies should be more environmentally responsible? Let us know in the comments below.

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