Do Presidents Age Faster Than The Rest Of Us?

Over the past eight years we've seen photos of a very aged President Obama, does the stress of leadership cause presidents to age faster?

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The Rigors of Treating the Patient in Chief (The New York Times)
"No patient gets closer medical attention than the president of the United States. Wherever he goes, a doctor, nurse or paramedic trails a few footsteps behind, ready for any medical need. It is the ultimate in concierge medicine."

Researchers Identify Genetic Variant Linked to Faster Biological Aging (Scientific American)
"There's no right answer when someone asks you: 'How old do you think I am?' Faced with such a dilemma, most of us aim low-erring on the side of flattery rather than honesty. But the truth is, accurately guessing someone's age is a difficult task, perhaps best left to amusement park workers and street performers."