Shailene Woodley stars as the intrepid Tris in the sci-fi adventure "Divergent." | Jaap Buitendijk/Summit Entertainment

‘Divergent’ Science vs. Fiction: Photos

The latest young-adult sci-fi film projects technology and social science into the future.

March 21, 2014
6:00 AM EDT
| Ragip Candan/Getty Images
Tori (Maggie Q) administers both truth serums and tattoos in the futuristic world of "Divergent." | Jaap Buitendijk/Summit Entertainment
The preserved walls of Jerusalem's Old City date back to the 16th century. | PhotoStock-Israel/Getty Images
Ruins are juxtaposed in view of skyscrapers in Sydney, Australia. | Lonely Planet/Getty Images
| Nicola Tree/Getty Images
Tris and her Dauntless faction friends deal with overcrowding ... the fun way! | Jaap Buitendijk/Summit Entertainment