Disney Invented A Room Where Your Phone Will Never Die

Researchers have created a room that can charge your phone wirelessly. Could this be the future of charging technology?

Wireless charging pads have existed for a while now, but they're far from perfect. They work by running a high frequency alternating current through a circular coil, which creates a magnetic field. That field induces a current in another circular coil in the receiving device, and the device converts it to direct current. Presto change-o, your battery is charging wirelessly. However, this is hardly better than wired charging.

Disney's solution was to design an entire room that basically functioned as a giant three-dimensional charging pad. You'd never even know it was different from any other room, aside that conspicuous copper pole right in the middle of it.

Its aluminum walls, ceiling and floor work with the copper pole and are essential to the whole operation. They cut a gap towards the top of the pole and inserted small discrete capacitors. Combine those with a signal generator and they can send alternating current through the pole, the walls, the ceiling and the floor at the frequency of their choice.

This creates a magnetic field around the pole, and just like with current wireless chargers on the market, if you have a receiver that resonates at the right frequency, you've got wireless charging almost anywhere in the room.

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