Three species of dinosaurs became one after a new study reanalyzed different specimens of each "species." | PLoS ONE

Dino Do-Overs: Fixes to Paleontology

Sixty-five million years separates the last dinosaurs and modern humans. It can take some time to get our story straight.

Published On 08/14/2013
7:00 AM EDT
These three dome-headed dinos are in fact one and the same species. | Holly Woodward/Montana State University
This brontosaurus only looks angry because it never technically existed. | Getty Images
A pair of nesting oviraptors appear in this illustration. | Science/AAAS
Was the stegostaurus so stupid that it thought with its butt? | Getty Images
Velociraptor mongoliensis, a prehistoric era dinosaur from the Cretaceous period. | Sergey Krasovskiy/Stocktrek Images/Getty Images
The Chicxulub asteroid impact, which left a gargantuan crater in Mexico, closely coincided with the mass extinction of dinosaurs. | Getty Images
Archaeopteryx | Todd Marshall