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Curious History of 'The Jungle Book'

Disney's new live-action remake is just the latest incarnation of Rudyard Kipling's enduring modern myth.

Published On 04/15/2016
3:00 PM EDT
Rudyard Kipling worked as a writer and newspaper editor under the British Raj in India. The Englishman would later write his Indian fables while living abroad in Brattleboro, Vermont. | Wikimedia Commons
An illustration from the 1895 edition of "The Two Jungle Books." | Public Domain
"Mowgli Made Leader of the Bandar-Log," a 1903 painting by John Charles Dollman inspired by Kipling's story "Kaa's Hunting." | Wikimedia Commons
Bill Murray voices the digitally-rendered Baloo in "The Jungle Book." | Walt Disney Pictures
Mowgli skins the hide off the dead Shere Khan in an illustration from an 1894 edition of "The Jungle Book." | Wikimedia Commons
A scene from the new "Jungle Book" movie by Disney. | Walt Disney Pictures