Neo-Assyrian cylinder seal and imprint on right, height 1.5 inches. It depicts two winged genies on a sacred tree. | Jutta Eichholz

Archaeological Treasures in Iraq Unearthed Just Before Deadly 7.3 Earthquake

An ancient loom, a seal decorated with a griffin, and the remains of a stone watchtower are just some of the finds from a recent excavation in northern Iraq.

Backfilling of trenches following excavation | Dirk Wicke
Seal impression of griffin, c. 2cm | Jutta Eichholz
Excavated corner of room with remnants of the loom between the wall (top) and a bench of six mud bricks. The round loom weights made from clay are visible, as are slabs of mud once forming some kind of shelving. | Lanah Haddad