A vervet monkey. | Erica van de Waal

Culture -- Not Just a Human Thing

Many animals not only possess aspects of culture, but also pass it along.

April 25, 2013
2:00 PM EDT
Humpback whales learn new hunting techniques from each other. | Jennifer Allen, Whale Center of New England
African grey parrots can count, talk and even dance. | Peter Fuchs, Wikimedia Commons
Bonobos rate the food they encounter with calls akin to "Yum!" and "Ewww." | Greg Hume
Macaque monkeys figured out that rinsing their potatoes in saltwater made them tasty. | Frans de Waal
Sperm whales live in clans that speak different dialects. | Gabriel Barathieu, Wikimedia Commons
Some dolphins have learned to collaborate with human fishermen. | Serguei S. Dukachev, Wikimedia Commons
Black rats keep their knowledge of stripping pine cone scales in the family. | Alexey Krasavin, Flickr
Ants are supreme at networking. | Samantha Henneke
Neanderthals had fashion, art, music and tools. | Corbis