Crocodile Prison Guards? 12 Tough Jobs for Animals

Many animals succeed at jobs that are too dirty, dangerous, difficult or physically impossible for humans.

Published On 11/11/2015
10:10 AM EST
Cosmo the goat and friends entertain visitors at the St. Louis Zoo. | Katie Wall
Virgin Media joked that ferrets were working for them. | Virgin Media
Runcho sniffs the mouth of a police animal trainer at a police school in Sibate, Colombia May 3, 2006. | DANIEL MUNOZ/Corbis
An African Giant Pouch rat is seen before a training session where the rats will learn to detect tuberculosis (TB) at a laboratory in Sokoine University for Agriculture in Morogoro, Tanzania. | Corbis
Greenbottle flies (Lucilia sericata) lay eggs on raw BSE free sheeps liver at Zoobiotic Ltd, Bridgend, South Wales, UK, Europe's largest sterile maggot production facility. | Louise Murray/Corbis
A pigeon is seen in a cage. | JASON LEE/Corbis
Red worms work the sewage line. | Holger Casselmann, Wikimedia Commons
A manatee swims with a school of fish. | Ramos Keith, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Asuka, three-year-old female chimpanzee, draws her "abstract" oil painting on a canvas at a studio at Izu Shaboten Park in Ito, southwest of Tokyo September 19, 2004. | KIMIMASA MAYAMA/Corbis
Metro Meteor at work. | Painted By Metro/Facebook
Sheep in a Spanish vineyard. | Angelina Llop, Wikimedia