Earth Day is a reminder that we only have one planet, so we should probably try to tidy it up a little on its special day. | NASA

Craziest Environmental Ideas (That Could Work): Photos

If you're looking for simple ideas to help the environment this Earth Day, these aren't them.

Published On 04/22/2013
9:00 AM EDT
Could you tell this face to take a hike? At least one New Zealand economist thinks you should. | Corbis Images
Tornados have the power to destroy towns. But with the idea of Canadian researchers, they might one day be able to power cities. | Corbis Images
Power from cow paddies is already proving profitable for some farmers. | Corbis Images
Launching tree mines into a once-fallow field can be both Earth friendly and fun. | U.S. Air Force
Volcanoes have inspired one potentially far-out geoengineering scheme. | Getty Images
Peridotites formations like these can absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. | Corbis Images
Even covered in chocolate, there's no way we could have made this cricket look more appetizing. | Corbis Images
Does this plan look easier than simply not wasting electricity? | ESA/NASA