Could Reaganomics Save China's Economy?

As China's economy slows, its leader is considering Reagan's economic policy: Reaganomics. So what is Reaganomics and how effective was it?

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Xi Jinping's Remedy for China's Economic Gloom Has Echoes of Reaganomics (nytimes.com)
"With the world looking to China for assurance that it can manage its slowing economy and tumultuous stock market, President Xi Jinping has begun pushing a remedy that sounds less like Marx and Mao than Reagan and Thatcher."

Stagflation (investopedia.com)
"A condition of slow economic growth and relatively high unemployment - economic stagnation - accompanied by rising prices, or inflation, or inflation and a decline in Gross Domestic Product (GDP)."

Do Americans still not get Reaganomics? (salon.com)
"The results of a new Gallup poll released Monday reveal an unfortunate yet wholly unsurprising fact: The most commonly offered positive statement about the Republican Party continues to be its capacity for 'better fiscal management.'"

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"Here's a brief economic history of the last quarter-century in taxes and growth."