Could Greenland Survive As An Independent Nation?

Despite economic difficulties, Greenland is seeking independence from the Kingdom of Denmark. But can Greenland survive on its own?

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Independent Greenland 'could not afford' to sign up to Paris climate deal (theguardian.com)
"One of the parts of the world being hit the hardest by climate change says it cannot afford to submit to the new Paris agreement to cut emissions and is likely to dramatically increase its contribution to global warming."

Denmark's Constitution of 1953 (constituteproject.org)
"This Constitution Act shall apply to all parts of the Kingdom of Denmark."

The Big Question: Is Greenland ready for independence, and what would it mean for its people? (independent.co.uk)
"The people of Greenland went to the polls this week and voted 3-1 in favour of a plan for greater self-government."

The 2008 Referendum on Greenland's Autonomy and What It Means for Greenland's Future (zaoerv.de)
"On 25 November 2008 Greenland held a referendum concerning the desirability of an increased level of self-governance."