This mosaic from the tomb depicts the abduction of Persephone.

Coolest Archaeological Discoveries of 2014

From a mysterious Greek tomb to revelations about King Richard, 2014 was a big year for big finds.

Published On 12/27/2014
11:43 AM EST
This aerial picture shows patchmarks believed to be "stone holes." | English Heritage
Rings in the white oak timbers used to build the ship reveal that the vessel was built around 1773 near Philadelphia. | Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, via Columbia University
King Richard III's skeleton, including his skull, shown here, was found during an archaeological excavation in Leicester in 2012. | University of Leicester
Using photography, videography, three dimensional modeling and minimal sampling, researchers studied the skeleton of a teenage girl without removing it from its watery grave. | Paul Nicklen/National Geographic
Destruction in Homs, Syria. | Bo yaser/Wikimedia Commons
This papyrus, said to be from ancient times, says that Jesus had a wife. Its discovery was announced in 2012 and new information uncovered by Live Science casts doubt on its origins. | Karen L. King, 2012
Lumps of cheese, shown with arrowheads, were collected from the neck and chest of a female mummy known as the "Beauty of Xiaohe." Inset shows an enlarged view of a cheese lump. | Yimin Yang and Yusheng Liu
A head statue of Tutankhamun made of wood covered with plaster and then painted. The statue was found by Howard Carter in the pharaoh's tomb. | Jean-Pierre Dalbéra /Wikimedia Commons
This series of slashes and an "M"-shaped zigzag" on a shell that's between 540,000 and 430,000 years old represents some of the earliest art ever found. | Wim Lustenhouwer, VU University Amsterdam