Wild Conventions of the Past

Cleveland won't be first time where delegates inside and protesters outside caused trouble for party leaders.

Published On 07/19/2016
7:41 AM EDT
Democratic nominee Stephen A. Douglas was the Northern candidate. Credit: Library of Congress | n/a
John W. Davis won after 103 ballots. | Credit: Library of Congress
Convention floor fights led to a power blackout. | Credit: Library of Congress
Klan members supported Goldwater during this "Republican Woodstock." | Credit: Library of Congress
An officer struggles with an antiwar demonstrator outside Democratic headquarters as demonstrators attempt to break through police lines to move the protest to the 1968 Democratic National Convention. Credit: APA/Getty Images
Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump appears onstage to introduce his wife Melania at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland on July 18, 2016. Credit: Reuters