Concordia Enters Italian Port to Be Scrapped: Updates

The Costa Concordia has parked at Genoa, Italy to be scrapped.

Published On 07/27/2014
8:45 AM EDT
The Costa Concordia looming the the Genoa horizon. | Rossella Lorenzi
The Costa Concordia heading to Genoa. | Rossella Lorenzi
Rossella Lorenzi
Fully refloated on Tuesday, Costa Concordia prepares to leave. | Rossella Lorenzi
Costa Concordia's lights on on her last night in Giglio. | Rossella Lorenzi
The Blue Peter flag, signaling that the ship is ready to sail, has been hoisted. | Rossella Lorenzi
Almost fully lifted, the Concordia now looks like a huge, awful fish with a dirty brown mouth. | Rossella Lorenzi
The massive prow of the wrecked Costa Concrdia is now out of water. | Rossella Lorenzi
The bow of the Costa Concordia has resurfaced. | Rossella Lorenzi
Portraying the last hours of Costa Concordia on Giglio. | Rossella Lorenzi
Collecting objects released by the Concordia around the reemerged bow. | Rossella Lorenzi
The sign "Concordia" emerges below crushed cabins. | Rossella Lorenzi
The bow of the Costa Concordia seen from above the ship as it emerges. | The Parbuckling Project
The re-floating of the Costa Concordia continues on Saturday morning -- deck 5 emerges. | Rossella Lorenzi
July 18: At the bow, a dark a brown part of the ship, which has remained underwater for the past two and half years, can be seen. White countors are visible underneath Giglio's water. | Rossella Lorenzi
The 3-foot rise is particularly visible at the bow, where a submerged part of the ship began to appear. | Rossella Lorenzi
Securing huge chains around the ship is a lenghty and complex task. | The Parbuckling Project
Night falls on the Costa Concordia on day 3 of the refloating. | Steve Van Meter
Image: Tugboats RedWolf[ (left) and Garibaldo (right) are currently keeping the wrecked Costa Concordia in place. Credit: Rossella Lorenzi | Rossella Lorenzi
Work continues to conect cables and chains under the hull of the Costa Concordia | THE PARBUCKLING PROJECT
Work continues on a 24-hour basis at the wrecked Costa Concordia. | THE PARBUCKLING PROJECT
A comparison between the stern sponsons clearly shows the ship has lifted in the past 24 hours. | Rossella Lorenzi
Rossella Lorenzi observes the salvage operations from a comfortable rock above the harbor at Giglio. | Rossella Lorenzi