Natalia Reagan


Natalia Reagan is an anthropologist, writer, actress, comedienne, and cartoonist. She writes and produces science comedy videos, including the web series "Talking Sh#t With Dr. Todd and Natalia" and "The Story Boobs: The Breast Tale Ever Told". Currently, she is an animal expert on Nat Geo Wild's "Everything You Didn't Know About Animals" and was the co-host of "10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty. When not chasing Bigfoot or discussing the evolution of boobs, Natalia also works with a critically endangered subspecies of spider monkey, the Azuero spider monkey (Ateles geoffroyi azuerensis) in rural Panama and runs BOAS Network, an anthropology website that brings anthro to the mainstream! More on Natalia: YouTube: Website: BOAS Network:

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