Donnie Vincent


Growing up in Connecticut, Donnie's love of wildlife and hunting really developed. It was snapping turtles, leopard frogs and garter snakes that instilled his passion for exploration and biology. His father's stories of hunting in northern Maine and his collection of Jack O'Connor books are what truly inspired him the most. During college, Donnie continued to follow his passion and studied Wildlife Biology, where he received an opportunity to study Bengal tigers in both Bangladesh and Nepal. He found the travel, the element of danger, and the exposure to new cultures and wildlife intoxicating. He also worked for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Alaska, collecting genetic and age class samples of Pacific salmon. He spent long summers living in a 1 person-backpacking tent through the Alaska weather and wildlife. These adventures inspired him as a hunter and fisherman and encouraged him to explore the world. Today he's driven by his own adventures, if for no other reason than to find his own great stories.

Articles by Donnie Vincent