Jamestown may appear to be a prosperous settlement in this illustration, but fossil evidence shows the colony had a dark history. | National Park Service

Colonial Settlements That Failed: Photos

If Jamestown, which saw cannibalism in its early history, is an example of a successful colony, what do the failures look like?

Published On 05/06/2013
3:00 PM EDT
Like many islands in the Caribbean, Saint Kitts changed hands a couple times among the European powers during the colonial era. | Corbis Images
A portrait of French explorer Jacques Cartier | Corbis Images
The Spanish had better luck settling the Atlantic coast of Florida than they did the Gulf coast. | Library of Congress
Charlesfort was one of the few settlements on this list where the colonists were able to work with the native population. | Corbis Images
An illustration of Ft. Caroline as it appeared when the French attempted to settle the New World. | Corbis Images
The Powhatan Indians didn't like the Spanish at Ajacan anymore than they appreciated the English at Jamestown. | Corbis Images
An illustration of John White returning to Roanoke Island to search for the missing settlers. | Corbis Images