Even though a single cockroach might be easy to kill, there's no way to eradicate all of these insects. | Corbis Images

Cockroaches: The Ultimate Survivors: Photos

Cockroaches survived the mass extinction that wiped out the dinosaurs, and they're adapting to resist our efforts to eradicate them.

Published On 05/28/2013
8:00 AM EDT
An apple a day won't keep cockroaches at bay. | Corbis Images
The Madagascar hissing cockroach might seem large, but seem roach species are even bigger. | Corbis Images
A cockroach's defenses isn't always enough, as was the case with this roach when it encountered an emerald cockroach wasp. | Corbis Images
This bioluminescent cockroach would mimic a toxic species of beetle. | Peter Vršanský et al., Naturwissenschaften (2012)
Different cockroach species raise their young different ways. | Corbis Images
A spolight is exactly where a cockroach wouldn't want to be. | Getty Images
Cockroaches could plausibly endure the aftermath of a nuclear blast, but other insects would be better able to handle the task. | Los Alamos National Laboratory