A parched river bed is one of the many signs of California's enduring water woes. | State of California

Civilizations That Withered in Drought

Drought has pushed major civilizations to their breaking point and beyond.

Published On 05/18/2015
1:45 PM EDT
Lake Malawi, as seen today, holds more than 80 percent of the surface freshwater available in Africa. | Thinkstock
Ruins of the Harappa civilization demonstrate the potent effects of climate change. | Thinkstock
The Pyramid of Djoser, seen here, dates back to the 27th century B.C. | Thinkstock
The ruins of old Hittite capital Hattusa blend in with the environment as a climate catastrophe claimed the entire civilization. | Thinkstock
Tulum, pictured here, is one of the cities the Mayans used to call home, before abandoning it to the jungle. | Thinkstock
First encountered by missionaries in 1860, Angkor is a city twice as large as Manhattan and houses one of the most spectacular religious complexes in the world. | Thinkstock
Scenes such as this photo were common during the Dust Bowl years in the 1930s. | NOAA Photo Library, Historic NWS collection