The Woman Who Chose Adventure Over Cancer Treatment

Norma can teach us all a little bit about living every day like it's your last.

<p>Photo: Marisa Franco // Unspalsh</p>

When 90-year-old Norma Bauerschmidt found out she had uterine cancer, she said no to her doctor's suggestion that they operate, CBS News reports. She decided she wanted to just "leave it be." That decision lead her to an end-of-life adventure she wasn't expecting.

Two days after her diagnosis, Norma's husband Leo, of 67 years, passed away. Norma's son and his wife are the only family she has left and they live on the road in an RV. Rather than spend the rest of her days in a nursing home, she decided to hit the road with the couple and their dog Ringo.

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Norma got to see Mount Rushmore, the Grand Canyon, Old Faithful at Yellowstone and ride in a hot air ballon over Florida. She's been bonding with her son and spending time with him like she never has before. She's also been indulging in beer and cake as much as possible.

Norma never expected to be having the time of her life at 90-years-old, but she certainly is very grateful for it. She says of her son and daughter-in-law, "They've given me a new lease on life."

Norma's story is a good reminder that experiencing the world first hand is the best way to make life exciting.

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