This chimp named Santino from the Furuvik Zoo in Sweden is known to have a temper. He throws rocks at zoo patrons who annoy him. | Wikimedia Commons

Chimp Chat Recordings Reveal Wide Range of Sounds

Chimps have a lot to say, as audio files from a huge collection of chimpanzee recordings reveal.

Published On 08/19/2014
9:15 AM EDT
A chimp in repose. | Rennett Stowe, Wikimedia Commons
A group of chimpanzees. | Klaus Post, Wikimedia Commons
Renowned primatologist Jane Goodall pant-hooting with a chimpanzee. | Michael Neugebauer
A baby chimp. | Michael Neugebauer
A chimp showing its teeth. | Michael Neugebauer
A chimp with a man at the Beijing Zoo. | Wikimedia Commons
A chimp family at Noichi Zoological Park. | Wikimedia Commons
A chimp in a fig tree. | Wikimedia Commons
A human baby crying. | Kyle Flood, Wikimedia Commons