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Caves, Tundra, And Deserts: How Astronauts Train For Space

We all know astronauts have an exciting and dangerous job, but what kind of extreme lengths do they go to to train for space?

As you might imagine, astronaut training programs are among the most rigorous programs in the world. Space is the ultimate hostile environment. To prepare astronauts to be efficient up there, or at least functional, space agencies have developed some wild training protocols.

Depending on the mission they're training for, astronauts may spend days or even weeks underground, in darkened caves, to practice problem solving in extreme environments. Or they might be dropped in the desert, or the Arctic, or even the ocean. Astronauts can expect to log time in the infamous Vomit Comit, too. In the spirit of no-nonsense inquiry, Trace Dominguez goes straight to the source and speaks with NASA astronaut Michael Lopez-Alegria in today's DNews special report.

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