Canada And Russia's Complicated Alliance 

Since 1991, Canada and Russia have been friendly except during the annexation of Crimea. So what's driving this Canadian Russian alliance?

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Canada signals it will reengage with Russia despite Ukraine (reuters.com)
"Canada will seek closer relations with Russia despite deep tensions over Moscow's actions in Ukraine, new Liberal Foreign Minister Stephane Dion signaled on Thursday, marking a major policy shift."

Canada's trade relationship with Russia (cbc.ca)
"Russia announced a year-long ban on food imports from Canada, the U.S. and other countries Thursday, in retaliation for several rounds of sanctions by Western countries over Russia's involvement in the unrest in Ukraine."

Russian spies in Canada: new lessons from the Gouzenko defection (cbc.ca)
"It is an intriguing slip-up in the annals of international intelligence - did Igor Gouzenko's crying baby help make it easier for the Soviet cipher clerk to defect with a bunch of secrets stuffed under his shirt in Ottawa 70 years ago?"

Canada and the USSR/CIS: Northern Neighbours (iccs-ciec.ca)
"The differences between Canadians and Russians are wellknown."