Can The Republican Party Stop Trump?

Donald Trump is proving to be a top contender for the White House but established Republicans are not impressed. So can the GOP stop Trump?

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Donald Trump could get an effectively insurmountable delegate lead in just 21 days (vox.com)
"The Republican nightmare scenario is an actual possibility if something big doesn't change fast: Donald Trump could all but ensure he'll get more delegates than any one of his rivals by March 15."

Murdoch v Trump: Fox and The Hair (ft.com)
"In a fresh sign that the 2016 Republican primary race has entered uncharted territory, Michael Moore, the campaigning leftwing film-maker, appeared on Fox News Channel this week to sing the praises of one of its presenters."

Anti-Trump super PAC to launch new ads (usatoday.com)
"They're back. A super PAC opposed to Donald Trump plans to launch a new round of advertising this week ahead of Super Tuesday."

Trump may be a bigot, but to the GOP, he's still better than Clinton (mashable.com)
"House Speaker Paul Ryan condemned GOP front-runner Donald Trump's call for a "complete shutdown" of Muslims coming to the U.S., but said Tuesday he would support Trump if he wins the Republican presidential nomination."

The Super PACs are Shifting Their Targets (cfinst.org)
"As recently as one week ago, the cumulative total attacking marco rubio and Ted Cruz ($14.3 million) was one-and-a-half times as much as the total against Trump ($9.2 million)."