Can Science Stop Aging?

We'll do anything to conquer aging, and now scientists believe they've found the root cause of it in the brain! Anthony reports on this discovery, and what it could mean for our quest for eternal youth.

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Scientists Find Key to Ageing Process in Hypothalamus
"US team identifies mechanism deep in brains of mice that can be tweaked to shorten or lengthen lives."

Brain Region Found to Control Ageing
"For the first time, a brain region has been found that may control aging throughout the whole body, a new study reports."

Hypothalamic Programming of Systemic Aging Involving IKK-?, NF-?B and GnRH
"Ageing is a result of gradual and overall functional deteriorations across the body; however, it is unknown whether an individual tissue primarily works to mediate the ageing progress and control lifespan."