Can Lab-Grown Super Corals Save The Ocean?

Coral reefs are an important part of our ecosystem, but they are struggling to survive in our changing oceans. Can science save them?

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'Super Corals' Could Survive Warming Oceans (Discovery News)
"A 2014 bleaching event in Kaneohe Bay spiked water temperatures beyond what many corals could tolerate. When corals are too stressed, many will eject the tiny symbiotic algae that live on them and provide corals with many of their nutrients. The corals can die, leaving behind bleached-white skeletons."

NOAA declares third ever global coral bleaching event (Science Daily)
"As record ocean temperatures cause widespread coral bleaching across Hawaii, scientists confirm the same stressful conditions are expanding to the Caribbean and may last into the new year, prompting the declaration of the third global coral bleaching event ever on record."

Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology Research (Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology)
"The mission of the Hawai'i Institute of Marine Biology (HIMB) is to conduct multi-disciplinary research and education in all aspects of tropical marine biology. HIMB continues to be a world leader in research to understand and conserve tropical marine ecosystems."