Can Body Language Reveal When Someone Likes You?

What you do with your body says just as much as what comes out of your mouth. How important is body language in flirting?

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The spontaneous expression of pride and shame: Evidence for biologically innate nonverbal displays. (Research Gate)
"The present research examined whether the recognizable nonverbal expressions associated with pride and shame may be biologically innate behavioral responses to success and failure. Specifically, we tested whether sighted, blind, and congenitally blind individuals across cultures spontaneously display pride and shame behaviors in response to the same success and failure situations."

Cross-cultural recognition of basic emotions through nonverbal emotional vocalizations (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences)
"Emotional signals are crucial for sharing important information, with conspecifics, for example, to warn humans of danger. Humans use a range of different cues to communicate to others how they feel, including facial, vocal, and gestural signals."