Can A Brokered Convention Stop Trump?

With Donald Trump in the lead, many Republicans are looking towards a brokered convention to stop him. How does a brokered convention work?

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What is a 'brokered convention'? Here is a (kind of) simple explanation (cnn.com)
"With the GOP primary race staying crowded and tight as it arrives in South Carolina, there is chatter once again that Donald Trump could be called on to show off his "amazing" negotiating skills at this summer's convention."

The Convention the GOP Doesn't Want (theatlantic.com)
"Republicans have a long history with brokered conventions as well. Their last one took place in 1948, when New York Governor Thomas Dewey-considered a stiff by many of his colleagues-fended off challenges from California Governor Earl Warren and conservative Senator Robert Taft of Ohio."

Fact-Checking John Kasich's Claim on Contested Conventions (cbsnews.com)
"After a big win in his home state of Ohio, Republican presidential candidate and Ohio governor, John Kasich, appeared on this week's broadcast of Face the Nation to talk about his path to the Republican Convention this summer."

A Contested Republican National Convention: How It Would Work (abcnews.go.com)
"Talk of a potential contested convention began swirling among top GOP officials before primary season even began."

Donald Trump could get an effectively insurmountable delegate lead in just 21 days (vox.com)
"The Republican nightmare scenario is an actual possibility if something big doesn't change fast: Donald Trump could all but ensure he'll get more delegates than any one of his rivals by March 15."