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Campus Movie Fest Terms of Service

Below are the rules for Campus MovieFest submissions in the Seeker Stories Documentary Category. Please see additional rules and guidelines for all CMF Submissions here.

  1. The writer, director, and editor must be enrolled as students in college or university at time of submission.
  2. Movies must not exceed 5 minutes in length (including credits).
  3. Entries for the Seeker Stories category must be non-fiction and documentary-based. Seeker is focused on the world (culture, perspective, current events), on science (nature, earth, technology) and on exploration of the physical, emotional and spiritual realms. Seeker Stories should align with any or all of these core principles.
  4. Submissions must not contain any copyrighted material (music, video, photography, etc).
  5. All movies, with their accompanying paperwork and materials, must be submitted by 11:59pm EST on May 1, 2017 in order to be considered for competition. CMF and Seeker reserve the right to extend this deadline and will make any extensions known on
  6. All filmmakers must submit both a Movie Release form and a Talent Release form with each submission. If your movie contains music not available in the CMF music library, you must also submit a music release form for any music used in your movie.
  7. Movies must meet a TV-14 rating.
  8. Movies must be documentaries, and tell true stories.
  9. Any films that are at all fictionalized are not eligible for this category.All movies must adhere to the official rules* or will be disqualified from the competition.
  10. Click here to view Campus MovieFest Official Rules.